Women tell 474 lies a year about food

Each week, the average woman will tell nine fibs about the food and drink she has tucked into, including, “I only had one glass” and “I never touch fast food”.

Almost half of the 3,000 Brits responding to a survey also denied eating all of the treats in their home, even though they had worked their way through everything sweet in the house.

And the lies aren’t all innocent, as almost one in five women even admitted that their food fibs have caused tension or rows with their other half.

The study was commissioned by Timex to launch its Health Tracker watch, which encourages you to enter the calories you consume into a daily food diary while also showing you how many calories you have burned throughout the day.

Dr. Cassandra Maximenko, chiropractic physician, said, “This study proves we live in a nation of denial where image takes a higher priority than honesty and no one wants to be seen eating food they shouldn’t, or even in larger quantities than is socially acceptable.

“Studies show that keeping a food diary can double weight loss but it seems that rather than being honest about the food and drink which passes our lips, many women are lying about it, or completely denying it altogether. But while this might save them some embarrassment in front of their partner or friends in the short term, it’s not going to help them reach their health and weight loss goals in the future.

“By lying to their loved ones, women are also lying to themselves and could easily see their weight creep up.”

The most common lie was, “It was only a small portion.”

Researchers found that more than three quarters of women try their best to eat well but admit they slip up from time to time. Despite this, 48% of women still lie to others, simply to give the impression they are healthier than they really are.

Forty per cent of women also admitted they try to eat healthily when they are in an office environment, and try different diets with their work colleagues but, as a result, 66% then feel guilty if they have something bad and everyone else continues to eat healthily.

Top 20 food and drink lies
1. It was only a small portion (21%)
2. I’ll have a big lunch so I won’t eat much after this (20%)
3. I only treat myself once in a while (17%)
4. I always eat my five-a-day (16%)
5. I didn’t touch any of the biscuits (16%)
6. I only had one glass (15%)
7. Denying you’ve eaten the last chocolate/packet of crisps (14%)
8. I won’t eat again today after this (14%)
9. I was too busy to have lunch (14%)
10. I might as well polish them off now or they’ll go bad (11%)
11. I had a salad so that’s healthy (despite dressings etc) (9%)
12. I never touch fast food (9%)
13. Red wine is good for you (8%)
14. I only have half a sugar (6%)
15. I limit my carb intake (5%)
16. I’m testing the dinner
17. I only had a drink because we were toasting an occasion
18. I only drink diet fizzy drinks
19. I just finished off the kids leftovers
20. I don’t drink tea after 5pm

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