What is laser nail treatment?

Nail fungus laser treatmentMany people suffer from fungal nail infections. This usually results in a visit to the chemist to pick up some ointment or some oral medication, which you have to keep taking for weeks, if not months. There is a quicker, and possibly cheaper way, to get rid of a fungal nail infection – laser.

Since 2008 this revolutionary treatment has proven to be more effective in clearing up the fungal nail infection because it gets to the heart of the problem. Oral medication works using the body’s own system to fight infection, and that may take time against a strong fungus. Ointment is ineffective at getting right under the nail to tackle the fungus – but the nail laser shoots through the nail to attack the fungus directly, and it is painless.

There are clinics popping up in various places, such as the Footmech clinic in Surrey; the London Nail Laser Clinic (with branches in the Midlands and Hertfordshire; Laser Nail Clinics in Sheffield.

Iain Johnston, who runs the Laser Nail Treatment service in Surrey, says, “Two independent studies have been done, one found a 75% succcess across the group which included 18-85 year olds, and another found 85% success.”

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