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Sexercise and a glass of milk please

Losing weight, eating more healthily and getting fit are three of the most popular new year’s resulotions. A survey by the Milk Marketing Forum shows that two fifths of adults want to lose weight at the start of the year, and 47% of those think sex is the way to do it.

‘Sexercise’ proved to be more popular than braving the cold outdoors for a run, walking to work or coughing up money for a gym membership. Residents of Scotland will be getting particularly busy under the sheets as 55% of Scottish people plan to get fit by getting it on.

People in Wales will be seeing the least amount of action in the New Year as only one in three Welsh people intend to lose weight by having more sex.

The most popular method of losing weight, before exercise, is swapping calorific snacks for low fat alternatives such as semi-skimmed milk.

The top five most popular ways people plan to lose weight in January 2011

  1. Replacing unhealthy snacks such as chocolate with low fat alternatives like a glass of milk
  2. Drinking more water
  3. Increasing the amount of exercise done at home by having sex
  4. Going on a diet that is known to help you lose weight slowly and safely
  5. Going running

Nutritionist Dr Judith Bryans, of The Dairy Council, said, “January is a time when many people rightly look at ways to make their diet healthier and curb the Christmas excesses. It’s important that people are taking sensible steps rather than crash dieting for a short time or copying unhealthy faddy diets.

Look at simple ways to cut down on calories and fat and like cutting down on high calorie snacks and eating more foods that are nutrient-dense and low in fat, like fruits and vegetables and semi-skimmed milk, which contains less than 2% fat.”

Dr Judith Bryans’ weight loss tips

Replacing high calorie snacks with low-fat alternatives such as a glass of milk

Maintaining a healthy weight is a balance between calories taken in from foods and drinks and calories burned by our bodies in everyday activities and exercise. Fat contains nine calories per gram so having lower fat options when choosing snacks will reduce the amount of calories from fat. Take care not to replace the fat taken out of the diet with extra sugar. Any energy the body doesn’t use in staying alive and everyday activities will be converted to fat and stored in the body and you just won’t see the weight loss you’re looking for.

Drinking more water

It is important to stay hydrated but drinking more water won’t help you lose weight; pair it with a balanced diet and regular exercise for optimum results. Water is needed for a whole host of functions in the body. We simply can’t survive without it so we need to stay well hydrated. Although water is important, it is not a miracle weight loss aid. If you over eat and don’t exercise, just drinking water won’t help you with your weight loss. For best results, control your calories and be physically active making sure you get enough water to keep you hydrated.

Increasing the amount of exercise done at home by having sex

Sex burns calories. How many calories depends on how long you are engaged in sexual activity and how vigorous it is! It’s a fun way to burn off some of those extra calories eaten in the run up to Christmas. One hour of intercourse will burn approximately 380 calories. To lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3500 calories!

Going on a diet that is known to help you lose weight

Weight loss over a sustained period of time is key to maintaining lasting weight loss. Crash dieters are prone to piling the pounds back on quickly. People who lose weight more slowly tend to achieve longer lasting weight loss partly because they re-educate themselves about food and tend to develop good physical activity habits. The other reason is that quick weight loss often occurs because people lose water and muscle and not fat. Losing muscle is not a good in the short or long term

Going running

Exercise that increases your heart rate and engages large muscle groups helps to burn calories quickly. How many calories a person will burn will depend on their weight, gender and the duration of exercise. To lose a pound a week, you could either eat 500 calories a day less or burn 500 calories a day with exercise such as running. Or, a combination of both. When exercising remember to rehydrate later. Also remember that when you exercise you will build muscle and that muscle weighs more than fat so don’t be disappointed if the scale doesn’t register a huge weight loss – you will be getting healthier.

The Milk Marketing Forum conducted the research as part of the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign.

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