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Quick accounting for sole traders

The scary thing about being a sole trader, a freelancer, a mumpreneur or a self-employed whatever is the accounting. You may be able to keep the books straight but what if you don’t know how to keep them tax efficient? You need an accountant you can speak to occasionally.

The problem is, most traditional accountants work by taking all your paperwork, fiddling about with it on Sage and then producing you the results with a bit of explanation of what they’ve done. That’s no good for people who want to understand how to keep their accounts in order, and that’s where Crunch comes in.

This fast growing company is so well presented and so impressive that we thought it deserved to be featured. If you are running your business from home and you need to have your books taken care of, Crunch lets you do it all online, using easy bookkeeping software, and you get access to the advice of accountants, as well as to a community of other Crunch users. Who knows, you may even find new clients out of it.

You can even use Crunch to form your own limited company and then start trading. You send invoices from the system and keep a track on the growth of your business and the progress of your cashflow.

You can try it out for free, but the basic subscription services start at £59.50 per month. You can also ask the people at Crunch to file your personal tax return (if you have a company one too) for a fixed fee of £75. This they do by combining your business account data with your personal information.

Go and give Crunch a try for free.

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