Planting bulbs for flowers in spring

Autumn is the time to be thinking about planting bulbs for springtime flowers. If you follow the basics, the flower beds will burst with colour, but how do you know if you are doing things the right way?

In this video author and gardening editor Martyn Cox demonstrates the basics and gives useful tips and original ideas for planting schemes. Cox goes through different bulb planting techniques from the basic style to lasagne planting of in pots, planting in flower beds, and more unusual designs such as a tower of muscari.

Cox is the author of several gardening books including Gardening with Kids, 101 Ideas for Small Gardens and RHS Wildlife Garden, and is inspirational to seasoned gardeners and novices alike. Says Cox, “Planting spring bulbs is easy, fun, and come springtime the results are fantastic. And what’s more the whole family can get involved.”

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