Spin class at the gym

No need for a guilt trip to the gym

Mums today are expected to do a great deal. Looking after the family often goes hand in hand with a time-consuming job, and there’s a lot of pressure to keep yourselves and your kids fit and healthy.

But what if regular exercise is hard to come by? New research by hte British Heart Foundation could take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Even though nearly half of UK mums we surveyed admit they don’t do any exercise with their children, Dr Russ Jago, Bristol University, found it’s not something you always have to worry about.

“The good news is our research found no link between the amount of exercise parents and children do. Even if you’re not doing regular exercise, it shouldn’t condemn your kids to being inactive. Parents can be proactive in encouraging their kids to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

British Heart Foundation resident GP Dr Mike Knapton thinks busy mums can still have a positive impact on their kids. “Even if time-poor mums don’t feel they can be good exercise role models for their kids, they can lead the way in encouraging their children to exercise.”

Making exercise part of everyday life is the most important thing, whether that’s walking to school or playing outside with friends.

Dr Jago also investigated family TV watching habits and found that if you watch more than 4 hours a day, your kids are likely to as well. But the good news is simple steps like making sure the TV is off when the children come home from school can help your kids have an active lifestyle.

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