Mums say photos are their most prized possessions

Family photos are the most prized possessions to mums, according to a survey. In a poll of 2,000 mums, software company Serif found 75% feel photos are more important than their mobile phone, car or bike, and credit card. Two thirds said they take more photographs compared with five years ago.

When asked what pictures they would rather save from a burning fire, 74% chose baby snaps followed by wedding (17%), pet (8%) and friends (2%).

The survey also showed that almost half are most likely to share pictures of their baby with friends and family on Facebook (49%), followed by photo albums (43%) and email (37%). Two thirds would design and print their own photobooks from home if they knew how to.

More than 35% said they do not use online digital photo websites to make albums but would really like to make their own. While 22% said they have used such websites but wish they could personalise them more.

“Most parents feel their children grow up too fast and that those baby milestones, such as first words and first steps, are often the most precious,” says Gary Bates, Managing Director at Serif. “With the majority of households in the UK owning a digital camera, more and more mums are taking pictures of their children, right from birth, to preserve and relive precious moments. Sadly, many are left forgotten on the hard drive, or only rediscovered years later.

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