Looking for a dinner date?

For single parents, meeting people and finding people to go out with can be difficult, but a new website aims to help you find a dining partner for an evening of good food, good company and the opportunity to build lasting relationships.

Dinnerfriends operates at a restaurant, seating each participant at a table of 10 or 12, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know a few others. It sounds less pressured than one-to-one blind dating or speed dating.

Members will be able to see who else will be seated at the table before they arrive and the site will not allow more than a 60:40 mix of male/female or vice versa. For many single people, dining alone is usually an unattractive option but the offer of one-on-one dating is also an uncomfortable alternative so a table with a mix of interesting company should hold a strong allure.

Dinnerfriends is about dining first and foremost but with an added twist of meeting other professionals who have had little time to organise their social life or whose marital circumstances may have left them frozen out of their previous circle of friends. It avoids the embarrassment of being seen in the company of any particular individual and it increases the chances of a fun evening by reducing unrealistic expectations.

Joining is free. You nominate up to two counties in which to dine then wait for invites to local restaurants offering a choice of food. Menus are specially chosen for each evening or lunchtime and the meal and tip is paid for up front to avoid those embarrassing moments at the end.

Dinnerfriends allows you to invite up to five other diners to join you for the event. You can even ask a close friend to join you at the table to ensure you will enjoy yourself.

Premium memberships are also available with more exclusive options.

Launching in August 2011, Dinnerfriends initially covers London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.


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