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Bijan DaneshmandBijan Daneshmand is no stranger to stage fright. As a professional actor who has appeared alongside Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio (in Body Of Lies) and Matt Damon (Green Zone) he understands how important self confidence is to performance.

Bijan has been involved in self development for more than 20 years. He now uses his own experience and training in hypnosis to help fellow actors, sportsmen and women, business people and even students to build their self confidence – whether that is in front of the camera, on the sports field, in the boardroom or exam room, even application forms for jobs and dating.

Bijan Daneshmand’s self confidence philosophy

  • A lack of self confidence can manifest itself in many ways – from being nervous about speaking in front of colleagues, a boardroom, to fear of exams and interviews.
  • Sometimes the cleverest, and best looking people are the least confident.
  • To succeed, a person must be already fully skilled, trained and prepared in their chosen field – for instance, in the case of exams, they need to have revised thoroughly, as an actor they should know their craft and have prepared their lines.
  • Self confidence is about belief in our ability to do things and confidence in ourselves.
  • The main factors involved in self confidence are: our self talk, memories of past events, internal picture of past and future events, and our feelings and emotions linked to specific events.
  • Imagination is more powerful than intellect in helping us achieve our dreams – we can make it in our imagination as we see it, feel, it and hear it.
  • We need to be clear and know exactly what it is we are going for.
  • Attitude – failure is when we stop. We don’t stop. If something doesn’t work we do something else.
  • Focus – what we focus on, pay attention to, we strengthen.
  • Positive thinking doesn’t and can’t make you do anything and everything, but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking.
  • Motivation – is it permanent? Like everything in life, it needs working on, just like a muscle, we can train it and make it stronger.
  • We have to do, then be, then we can have.
  • Wishing is not enough, we need to want it, and want it in a specific and clear way.
  • We achieve and we are successful when we are growing. To experience growth we need to constantly improve; daily and incrementally.

Bijan’s self confidence methods
A hypnotherapy session with Bijan lasts 90 minutes, initially, with subsequent sessions lasting 45 minutes. Bijan asks clients to see exactly what is they ‘want’ and to be specific about it. “Many people speak about all the things they don’t want,” says Bijan. “Explore what is it you want?”

Bijan uses positive memories of past events to help clients create empowering thoughts and build their potential and capacity to achieve. He shows them how to reach a state of physical and mental calmness through breathing techniques and hypnosis and to apply techniques and tools to get rid of unwanted feelings or behaviours.

In some situations Bijan will accompany the client in training or rehearsing the event in discussion. He teaches and instructs his clients techniques and tools to use on their own.

To contact Bijan Daneshmand, hypnotherapist, call 020 7760 7552 or 07775 655145. Or visit Bijan’s website: www.bijandaneshmand.com.

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