Keep those joints moving

The joints are a part of your body that can cause discomfort as you get older – as lack of exercise and other stresses can lead to problems like arthritis. Supplement maker Syno-Vital offers a few tips we can all try to stay supple.

1. Exercise

Exercise at least three times each week with a focus on muscle strength and flexibility. Regular exercise will also keep weight down, which is key, as there is a strong proven connection with being overweight and suffering with joint pain.

2. Eat for your joints

A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and good quality protein is important for overall body function, including joint health.

3. Avoid injury

Factor in a warm-up of at least ten minutes before training and the same again to cool down.

4. Don’t ignore an injury

Ignoring the signs of an impending joint problem could lead to long-term injury. If the joint is sore, swollen or stiff, use the RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) technique. Rest the joint, apply an ice pack several times a day for twenty minutes, use compression, such as a support bandage and elevate the joint whenever possible.

5. Keep moving throughout the day

Remember to change your position regularly during the day. Regular movement keeps the joints supple and transports nutrients to the cartilage that surrounds them, so build activity into everyday life, for example walk to the bus stop or take a walk during a lunch break.

If you want to look at supplements to help feed your joints, Syno-Vital’s Hyaluronan can help to fend off arthritis. Hyaluronan (HA) depletes as we age, causing stiff aching joints, dry eyes and wrinkly, sagging skin. Found in the synovial fluid, it plays an active role in maintaining joint health by helping to reduce friction, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory agent as well as an antioxidant. Syno-Vital Hyaluronan is a natural colourless and odourless liquid form of HA that you can drink daily in a glass of water. Available from Modern Herbals.

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