Helen Lederer on keeping your weight down

Helen LedererBulging waistlines are likely to be the fashion trend for many this season as ‘diet hibernation’ takes hold of the nation. As the nights draw in we start eating more comfort food, exercising less and covering up from the cold so it’s no surprise that the pounds will start to pile on.

Nearly half (46%) of people are aiming to drop at least one dress size by the time the party season begins with 27% aiming to lose two dress sizes and nearly 1 in 10 (9%) aiming to reduce their wardrobe by three dress sizes. 54% of winter dieters want to shed the pounds to look good in party outfits with 36% admitting that they want to impress their friends and family…

This video features Helen Lederer with dietician Helen and Personal Trainer Elise, chatting about her amazing weight loss of two stone in just 3 months thanks to the aid of XLS-Medical Fat Binder (clinically proven, naturally derived weight loss aid).


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