Golden Rules for de-cluttering your life.

Claire Redhead of gives some good decluttering advice.

For so many people, accumulating too much stuff can have a very bad effect on their life and relationships. Every home can benefit from a monthly de-clutter. Just two hours of life laundry here and there and you can keep pace with all the chores, so you can focus on living your life. It has too make sense!

Here some golden rules you can follow to become your own personal life coach and your own de-clutter expert!

Shopping Habits

Keep a track of your new purchases, make sure you are not buying similar things or just too much of something.

Letting Things Go

Review what you have regularly and why you are keeping it. Letting possessions go is a great way to allow new things into your life

Good Housekeeping
We all hate housekeeping but a clean house makes you feel good. Make sure you give a part of your home a life laundry clear up each month.

Room Ratings
Take a step back once in a while and see what spaces are being used a dumping grounds! Try to develop simple daily de-clutter practices, it will seriously reduce your work around the house.

Your Home
Your home can be your pension! Look after it. Think about setting aside time every month to invest your time in your house.

Seeking Balance
We all want to feel happy when we are at home but sometimes events or more persistent things can badly effect you.  Give yourself the time to seek a solution and don’t let it drag into the next month.

Do you all argue about clutter at home? You need to find common ground and make sure you talk about the areas of tension regularly.

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