Fitness tips for a designer bum

Following all the attention surrounding Pippa Middleton’s bum as well as the upcoming Rear of the Year 2011, Pure Gym has put together a collection of tips to suit every body type (whether ‘apple’, ‘pear’, ‘hourglass’ or ‘tube’) – on how to get your bum in rear of the year shape!

Body shape: apple (Generally rounder shape but slightly bigger top half )
Exercises: walking, running, leg press, squats, deadlifts.
Tips: concentrate on lower body. Strength exercises keep the resistance and the reps low.

Body shape: pear (Larger lower body smaller upper body)
Exercises: skipping, cycling, xtrainer, walking, push ups, dips, shoulder press.
Tips: pick aerobic exercises that work the lower body and strength exercises for the upper body. Light reps high repetitions.

Body shape: hour glass (Well proportioned upper and lower with a narrower waist)
Exercises: slow jogging, jumping jacks, swimming, stationary bike, bicep curls, shoulder press, squats.
Tips: Vary your repetitions and keep resistance light so as not to build too much muscle mass.

Body shape: ruler/tube (Slim, not much difference between hips, waist and shoulders)
Exercises: spinning, step classes, sit ups, squats.
Tipos: You can do pretty much anything. Do resistance training. Try doing all muscle groups to get body symmetrical.

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