Chick flicks for guys

Chick FlicksSo many parents can’t go out for a night because of the kids, and there’s never anything special on the telly, so what video can you rent that both of you will enjoy watching without creating an atmosphere of boredom?

Parents UK did some research by asking loads of women for a list of their favourite chick flicks. We then asked a load of guys how happy they would be to watch these movies. The list below is the top ten films that received a high average from both sexes.

The list isn’t a comprehensive one compiled through lengthy research, but is a mere guide to what both men and women like. Some notable top movies just missed the top ten because they didn’t get a high enough male rating: When A Man Loves A Woman, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Fried Green Tomatoes, as well as When Harry Met Sally.

Many of the women voted for Johnny Depp films, saying things like “Depp is just God full stop” and “Johnny Depp is every girl’s hairdresser” (Edward Scissorhands).

There weren’t many films on the list that were more favoured by men than women, but Men In Black II, Nine and a Half Weeks and Private Benjamin all got high guy points.

  1. Finding Neverland
  2. Amelie
  3. True Romance
  4. Jerry Maguire
  5. Braveheart
  6. Notting Hill
  7. Love Actually
  8. Bridget Jones
  9. Meet The Parents
  10. Grease

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