10 top tips for losing weight

A quarter of the adult population in England is obese and rates are increasing – by the middle of this century it’s believed that 60% of men and 50% of women could be obese.

A new book that showcases real life expert advice proves you don’t have to wait for will power to successfully lose weight.

The anti-diet book from Weight Watchers, entitled “A Year’s Worth of Good Habits that Could Last a Lifetime” dispels the myths that losing weight is about deprivation, instead it reveals that keeping weight off is down to simple, small changes – good habits!

Made up of 52 real-life tips – one for every week of the year – it offers practical ways of losing weight without feeling like you’ve got an unrealistic goal.

This video features ten tips from real people – people who have lost weight with advice on how to emulate them.

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