Health and well-being

aamor therapy children’s comprehensive holistic therapy
Intuitive healer Marie Hart naturally treats common health ailments & health enhances learning.

Helps to fend off deep vein thrombosis – a danger for pregnant women when travelling.

Always Read the Label
Allergy gear for discerning kids.

Ask About Games
Worried about your kids’ obsession with video games? This site aims to help.

Be Child Cancer Aware
Charity dedicated to spreading awareness of cancer in children.

A revolutionary miniaturised GPS based personal locator and personal alarm providing pinpoint location accuracy 24/7 and 365 days a year.

CLAPA – Cleft Lip and Palate Association
UK-wide voluntary organisation specifically helping those with, and affected by, cleft lip and palate.

Earthwise Girls
Eco friendly sanitary towels, menstrual care, deodorants and body products.

Eco-friendly menstrual pads, sponges and cups.

Eileen McManus – registered acupuncturist
Based in Rusper – offering acupuncture, chinese remedies, cupping, moxa therapy, massage and more.

Empathy Holistics
Therapies for pre, post and during pregnancy in Greater Mamchester.

First Way Forward
Lynda Hudson, leading hypnotherapist with both adults and children.

A specialist in training adults to teach fun fitness classes to children.

Foods Matter
Foods Matter is an invaluable monthly subscription magazine supporting anyone with a food allergy/intolerance or on a restricted diet.

Footmech podiatry
Footmech is the website of podiatrist Iain Johnston in Reigate, Surrey.

Headlice Shop
Products to help you deal with head lice.

Healthy Start
With Healthy Start, pregnant women and children under 4 in low income families can get free vouchers every week to swap for milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins. Healthy Start replaces the Welfare Food Scheme.

Hypnotherapy Directory
Hypnotherapy Directory only lists hypnotherapists who are registered with a recognised professional body.
If you suffer from a sleep disorder we will show both the causes and the techniques that can help you sleep well.

Itchy Baby
Tackling childhood eczema together.

Life Dynamics
Hypnotherapy for adults, teens and children in Sheffield and London. Kimberly Willis helps clients overcome anxiety, fears, depression, IBS. Also Hypnosis for childbirth, weight loss and confidence.

Living With Reflux
Support group and information for families suffering from gastroesophageal reflux and associated problems.

My Life Support
mylifesupport can help you achieve a positive work/life balance; guide you through life´s busy maze; and encourage you to achieve your true potential.

Natural Skincare Company
Natural and organic skincare, haircare, bodycare and suncare products, which do not contain artifical preservatives, colours or perfumes.

Organic Ways
Organic bodycare products.

Stress Free Kids
Helping children teens and adults manage stress, anxiety and anger while building self-esteem and a more peaceful sleep.

Talk About Autism
The online autism community hosted by TreeHouse, the national charity for autism education.

The Natural Skincare Company
Natural and organic skincare, haircare, bodycare and suncare products, which do not contain artifical preservatives, colours or perfumes.

Wikaniko Products
Products for eco friendly people.

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