Tiff Needell

Is your car safe to go overseas?

  1. Is your car safe to drive?
    Before you set off check your vehicle is fully serviced
    Check your oil levels, water levels and tyre pressure
    Make sure you have a spare tyre in good working order
  2. Equip your car with the essentials as these are compulsory in some European countries
    Warning triangle
    Reflective jacket
    Headlight beam converter and spare bulbs
    GB sticker
    First aid kit
  3. When driving abroad, always have these handy
    Driving licence
    Vehicle Registration Document
    Insurance documents
  4. Know your local rules and speed limits
    The highway code differs from country to country so we’ve listed some of the most important points to remember in this guide
  5. Brush up on your international road signs
    So that you’re familiar with them we’ve put a handy guide in on page six
  6. Know your route
    Buy a good European road atlas
    Your SatNav – does it work in Europe?
  7. Motorway driving
    Many motorways in Europe have toll booths and although most do take credit cards these days make sure you carry enough euros on you at all times
  8. Never Drink and Drive
    Some European countries have lower drink driving limits than the UK. My recommendation is if you’re driving, don’t drink at all
  9. Remember
    Make sure your insurance policy covers you for European driving
    Let your insurer know you are travelling abroad and make a note of helpline numbers
  10. And finally…
    Make sure you’re driving on the right side of the road!

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