Flaik skiing GPS tracker

Flaik GPS tracking helps find skiing kids

One of the worries for parents while on a family skiing holiday is ensuring they know where the kids are at all times. The Flaik GPS system has been introduce into a handful of ski resorts around the world, including the stunning Mont Tremblant resort in Quebec, Canada. Children under 12 who enroll in the snow school –English speaking instructors are available are given the apparatus free of charge (You can also rent a ‘flaik’ unit if your child is not enrolled in the school) and they give you real-time tracking of the wearer and let you know precisely where your kid is on the mountain.

Donald Lacasse, Mont Tremblant Snow School Director, says, “For a parent using the flaik system, it’s a great tool. When you are leaving the most precious thing you have with total strangers [the instructors], it adds great security. The kids really enjoy it too.”

It’s also another way to get the kids excited about skiing.  Flaik allows them to get all the interesting statistics from their ski day. For example, total vertical elevation, distance travelled, maximum speeds and also the facility to share results on social media such as Twitter, and Facebook.

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