Safari campfire stories

5 Family safari adventures you will love

Thinking of taking your family further afield than Bognor or Skeggy this year? Maybe you want to book something out of season in the southern hemisphere, where the sun bakes while Britain is frrrrreezing.

Natural High Safaris has kindly come up with 5 top family adventures for us to share with you. Why lie around a pool when you could ride a horse through a river to look at rhino, or wash an elephant?

Girl on horse in river

Horse riding safari in South Africa

This is a great family adventure for those that enjoy their riding.  Based at a comfortable lodge on a large private estate in South Africa, you can enjoy morning and afternoon rides, polo cross and game viewing, in addition to a stack of other activities for riders and non-riders alike.  You can spend a good amount of time in one place, where you can be as busy as you like, and where the whole family can simply enjoy time together.

After a long afternoon ride, cantering along with wildebeest, giraffe and other plains game or walking past grazing rhino, with horse and game happily living alongside each other; strip off to your swimming costume, take the saddle off your horse and hop back on.

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Family camel ride in Kenya

Kenya, camels and beach fun

Kenya offers almost ideal conditions for a family safari: plenty of choice, lots of exciting stuff to do, places where you can linger for a week and not be bored, and an ideal climate.  Some of our favourite family bolt-holes are located on the private game ranches in the north of Kenya.  Seeing great wildlife (and you will) is only a small part of what’s on offer in Kenya.

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Boys on safari in Tanzania

Epic safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania has plenty to offer that coincides with school holidays.  For example between July and October (including October half term) we’d aim to get you and your family into the northern Serengeti to see the wildebeest crossing the Mara River for your game fix.

We’d combine this with a spell in the southern reaches of Tarangire or Manyara, or other areas of the Serengeti which you can have almost to yourself once the migration has passed on.  It’s also well worth while taking in the Ngorongoro Crater, although this comes with a health warning when it comes to (unavoidable) tourist concentrations.  The unique geography makes it worth while though.

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Following elephants in Nepal

Washing elephants in Nepal

Nepal offers exceptional choice from treks and walks that are tailored to suit families with children, to vibrant ceremonies and festivals in the Kathmandu Valley.

Activities range from rafting to riding (and washing) elephants in search of tigers.  The diminutive size of Nepal means that it’s realistic for your family to pack the highlights into a two week holiday.  Give us a call or drop us an email if you’d like us to put some ideas together for you to look at.

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Safari campfire stories

Safari campfire stories in Zambia

Zambia is a great place for a family wildlife safari – there’s so much to see that boredom isn’t an option, and the guides are superb with youngsters.  There are one or two camps that are particularly family friendly, but we also really like the “safari houses” where you can keep your own schedule, enjoy the flexibility of a private guide and vehicle, and even discuss your menus with your own chef.

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