7 travel money tips to keep your currency safe

The majority of holidaymakers take a mixture of cash and cards on holiday, according to a survey by Alpha Travel Insurance.

Before you go on holiday you need to plan not only where you will work, rest and play. You also need to think about insurance and security.

Many kids take phones and tablets on holiday and 77% of those surveyed said they look at insurance for those items. Also, 77% check that they have enough cover for their currency, which means nearly a quarter of travellers don’t think about the risk of loss.

Alpha Travel guide to travel currency
You can view this full infographic here.

7 travel money tips

  1. Split up your money while sightseeing on holiday – don’t keep everything in one place on your person.
  2. Keep the majority of your money in the hotel safe where, ironically, it is the safest.
  3. Take enough cash with you on holiday to last the entire trip (a mix of both cash and card is best, plus a little extra for emergencies).
  4. Consider making up a dummy wallet with a couple of old loyalty and cash cards as well as a small amount of change. Keep this in a separate place to your main wallet, in case of pickpockets or if you are the victim of a scam, you can hand over the dummy wallet.
  5. Purchasing your currency online before you travel is the most cost-effective option.
  6. Bring smaller denominations of cash with you, such as 5s and 10s rather than larger notes.
  7. Tell your bank provider you are going on holiday so that they don’t block your card. Check that your bank card works abroad and make a note of the additional cost to use it. A cheaper alternative is a specialist currency card that does not charge you for using it oversees.