Gelert Wind-up Solar Powered Radio

Gelert wind-up solar powered radioA clever, versatile tool for outdoors, the Gelert ACC349 wind-up/solar power radio is a torch, too. Compact and portable, it’s also an emergency alarm and even has a Nokia mobile phone charging adaptor as well.

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No batteries required: just wind it up or use the sun’s power to listen to your music on camping trips, at festivals or one weekend breaks. The radio operates for up to 40 minutes on a single five-hour charge from direct sunlight, or 20 minutes from one minute of winding.

A signal strength indicator LED, a collapsible aerial and a headphones output socket complete the radio package.

With its water-resistant rubberised skin, the Gelert ACC349 radio is robust and easy to use and will soon become a must-have part of your outdoor kit.

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