Seashore sleep CD

Seashore Help Your Child Sleep CD

Designed for children aged between 4 and 12 years of age who have problems falling or staying asleep, the Seashore Help Your Child Sleep CD is the work of husband and wife team Rachael and Charles Vald.

What makes this CD so effective compared with other relaxation or meditation CDs for children is what happens at the end of the CD. To stop the child waking up at the end, they are told to use their imagination to create their own adventures with the characters they have met in the story, this allows them to drift off into a lovely dream and a better nights sleep, while the gentle sound of ocean waves helps to relax them.

The CD combines Charles’s skills and knowledge of relaxation and self hypnosis techniques, his passion for creative storytelling for children and Rachael’s experience as a primary school teacher. The CD aids children’s sleep by redirecting their energies into simple calming exercises and harnessing their imagination to actually aid sleep.

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Having tested this on my own children I can say it does work. They have to be disciplines to listen and follow the instructions, but then it works like a charm. Track 1 is a relaxation introduction, which is a great idea to get over that initial phase of getting the child to lie still, listen and concentrate.

Track two is the main story, using guided imagery and the ever present sound of waves coming into the shore and washing out again – this sound emulates calm, slow breathing.

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