Mr Men Plasters

Mr Men plasters

Mr Tickle PlastersMr. Tickle is the fast and friendly way to soothe minor cuts and grazes. With limited edition plaster prints – Mr. Tickle is waving the British flag high in 2012. If there was an Olympic medal for Tickling… Mr. Tickle would win it.

Skin friendly, hypoallergenic and latex free plasters. Protects the wound from dirt and bacteria. The box comes with 16 plasters in two sizes.

Mr Bump plastersMr Bump is the ultimate character to put a smile on your child’s face after a nasty graze. Who better to distract them than the lovable character who is always wearing a bandage.

There are other Mr Bump and Mr Tickle products available in the range, including a soothing pack, as well as other health and first aid products featuring other Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

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