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DGJ Organics Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hair Juice

DGJ OrganicsThe hardest thing about having daughters is perhaps their hair. It is forever needing detangling, and if you have a daughter who doesn’t like you brushing it, you are always fighting in the morning to get them ready for school.

You may have tried a special brush and various sprays but perhaps you should have a look at DGJ Organics.

The Wild ‘n’ Crazy Hair Juice from DGJ Organics smells fruity and has a no tears formula because it’s made from organic extracts and essential oils.

Try the shampoo (watermelon aroma or banana and berry) or use the detangler spray. We tried out the watermelon in the bath and not only did the detangling work, but the hair felt smooth and clean even without conditioner. Brushing was easy after using the shampoo.

For a quick “get set and go” for the morning rush, the detangler spray is ideal before brushing. Well, it’s either that or we shave her head!

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