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Giant Jenga and similar tower games

Did you know that Jenga was based on a made-up family game? Leslie Scott, who grew up in East Africa, used to play a game with her family in the 70s using wood that they purchased from a sawmill in Ghana.

Scott developed the game properly through her own company, later founding Oxford Games Ltd. Jenga is now produced by Parker Games, a division of Hasbro.

The game has been so popular over the years that Leslie Scott was honoured with the 2010 Wonder Women of Toys Inventor/Designer Award. Several copycat games have been produced in large format, to be played in gardens.

How much is Giant Jenga?

Prices for Giant Jenga and its clones vary wildly. Here are some of the versions you can buy on Amazon. Prices may vary.

Kingfisher Tumble Tower – £18.71

Kingfisher Tumble Tower

Build the tower in rows of three bricks, then take turns to remove a block from the middle and replace on the top. The loser is the player who makes the giant tower tumble. Contains 60 rough untreated wooden blocks approx 21cm x 4.5cm x 3cm. Starts at 60cm (2ft) at beginning of play. Tower should reach more than 3ft before it tumbles. Wood is a natural material and may contain knots and have some small cracks due to the natural drying out process.

Redwood Giant Wooden Tower Game – £18.05

Redwqood Giant Wooden Tower game, like JengaRedwood Leisure giant wooden tower contains 60 wooden blocks. Approximate 45cm tower height. Block measures 21cm length by 5cm width by 3cm height. Colour box packaging.

Garden Games Mega Hi-Tower in a bag – £52.99

Garden Games Mega Hi-Tower with bagThe Mega Hi-Tower starts to build form 0.9m tall and builds to a height of 1.5m making this a truly giant version of the family table top game. It builds without gaps and has smaller lighter blocks making this perfect for garden use. The garden giant Jenga-style game includes 58 pine wood blocks, each measuring 18cm x 6cm x 4.5cm and weighs around 312g. The smaller blocks give this tower a smaller footprint and make this a more challenging game to play. The game comes ready packed within a handy zip close bag with Nylon carry handles.