DVD - Wheels On The Bus

The Wheels On The Bus

DVD - Wheels On The BusHop aboard the bus with Mango the monkey and Papaya the Toucan and explore a vehicle filled with animals and musical adventures. The songs are all a cheerful variation of the song The Wheels on the Bus, so lots of repetition and great for little ones to sing along to.

Mango and Papaya are lost and so they climb aboard the bus to try and find where their home is. With the help of a little girl and Argon the dragon bus driver ( the voice of Roger Daltrey, frontman of The Who) they sing along with the other passengers, stopping at the aquarium, a zoo and a farm, meeting all kinds of interesting animals.

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The Wheels on the Bus endeavours to teach young children about socialisation skills and the importance of the home. Its aim is to introduce children to the concept of transportation and show them the world is fun, exciting and full of interesting places to explore. There are some lively lessons about nutrition, animals and opposites.

Aimed at children aged 2-5 years, the Wheels on the Bus DVD includes a bonus feature: The making of The Wheels on the Bus. This DVD is sure to be the one which kids will never tyre of! My 2 year old has watched it constantly now for 48 hours, so it’s certainly a real hit with her.

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