Spooky Buddies

Remember Air Bud, Air Buddies, Space Buddies and Santa Paws? The quintet of irresistible talking puppies, Disney’s lovable “Buddies”, is back for a ghoulish good time in a fantastic all-new Halloween-themed adventure. Spooky Buddies is available to own on Disney DVD.

Spooky Buddies

My kids love watching the Buddies movies. Even though one of them is old enough to think they are babyish – after all, what’s not to like about cute talking puppies that get up to mischief?

In this latest movie caper, the lovable canine clan find themselves in a mysterious mansion, with no less than the fate of the world hanging in the balance as they must stop a dastardly warlock from his plans for world destruction.

Imagine Air Buddies combined with Scooby Doo and you get the idea. There’s also a (perhaps) unintentional parallel here with the history of Halloween. Many religious people see Halloween as a sacrilegious pagan celebration of wickedness, but in fact the whole idea of dressing up in scary masks on Halloween is to ward off bad spirits on the day of the dead that comes the next day.

In Spooky Buddies, you have a bad warlock trying to bring destruction to the local community, and he is confused by the many young kids out trick-or-treating in wizard costumes. Whether that parallel struck the writers or not is moot, because kids will just enjoy this film for the spookyness, the mystery, the comedy costumes and the caricatures. And, of course, those cute puppies.

Also look out for the Buddies 5 Pack Box set featuring all the movies.

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