Samanda Dance WOrkout

Samanda – The Twins – Dance Workout

Samanda Dance WOrkoutSamanda – a new brand name that has grown out of Big Brother 8 on the back of twins Sam and Amanda. The girls have done pop, TV, paparazzi and newspaper interviews, but no young slip of a tabloid babe’s celebrity life is complete until they have made a keep fit video.

Samanda are like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. While fans will chuckle along with the young ladies through these exercises, some others will get fit by kicking the telly during the girly double act.

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The DVD is basically an aerobics workout in three parts – Warm Up, Aerobics and Combat, plus a cool down session. Both the aerobics and combat programmes have been designed to be managable yet effective in fat burning and body toning.

The DVD also features At Home With Samanda as a bonus extra. See how many items of pink you can spot in their rooms. There’s a lot of stuff that’s “dead exciting” and “so so good”, and the girls seem to be on some permanent excitement buzz as they bounce up and down wooing in time with each other.

It’s easy to joke about Samanda but they are well known as being sweethearts, and as we know from their time in Big Brother, they do take fitness seriously. There are really no gimmicks to the exercises – no clever made-up names like Tae-Robics or Pilateswimming. The gimmicks, if anything, are the girls, and the exercises are simple enough for anyone to do in their living room.

Note that these exercises are not intended to be carried out during pregnancy.

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