Rupert The Bear and the Snowglobe

Rupert Bear – Rupert and the Snowglobe

Rupert The Bear and the SnowglobeRupert Bear is so much more enjoyable since they animated him and gave him some dimension, instead of just showing drawings with a voice-over. This second DVD is very festive, with the first of the six episodes being Rupert and the Snowglobe.

The series which launched on Five’s specialist pre-school block Milkshake! in November 2006, follows the adventures of Rupert and his pals as they embark on a series of magical adventures in the enchanting forest of Nutwood. This exciting new DVD release Rupert and the Snowglobe includes six fantastic episodes, Rupert and the Snowglobe, Rupert and the Magic Car, Rupert and the Weather Machine, Rupert and the Oldest Tree, Rupert Flies to Cheddar Moon and Rupert and the Toy Soldiers, as well as an interactive Winter-fun game and exciting  DVD-Rom activities!

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Rupert’s world is one full of adventure where you can always expect the unexpected. In Rupert and the Snowglobe Rupert, Bill and Ping Pong arrive at the beach one sunny day but are amazed to find a small snowstorm raging over one particular area. Jack Frost emerges and explains that he has come early because he wants to catch some sun. He shows them a magical snow globe he uses to control the icy storm. The friends play in the snow unaware that Ming has the snow globe and is shaking it up, causing the snowstorm to grow out of control… Will they make it home in time for tea?

The DVD features a game, which is a bit boring really even for very little children. You have to match the character to the outline drawing, and you get three goes. There’s also a character fact file, with personal details of all of Rupert’s friends. Put the disc into your PC and open it and you will get some interactive DVD ROM features.

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