Post Natal Rescue with Erin O'Brien

Postnatal Rescue with Erin O’Brien

Post Natal Rescue with Erin O'BrienWith Erin’s 3 invigorating exercise progressions, you can ease back into exercise without hurting or overextending yourself. In just 15 minutes a day, you will rehabilitate your back, abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs, and hips—all the muscle groups affected by your pregnancy and delivery. Erin guides you through each progression and, once you’ve mastered it, gently urges you to move on to the next challenge. She can take you from the very beginning of your recovery up to one year postpartum.

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A personal trainer and exercise instructor, Erin holds several certifications, including one in pre/postnatal training. She’s also the busy parent of two preschoolers with her husband, actor James Denton (Desperate Housewives). Not long ago, she was where you are, and she knows how challenging it can be. That’s why she welcomes you into her home and urges you on with her clear, supportive instruction. As Erin says, “Let’s get started!”

Includes bonus section with gentle stretches and breathing techniques you can do even before you’re ready to begin exercising.

Amazingly, this DVD requires only 15 minutes daily – easily achievable for the busiest of Mums. Erin O’Brien is an expert in her field, and she doesn’t make you over-do it. The style of the video is relaxed, and the inclusion of her own family gives you a sense that she really has done this all herself as well as telling others how to do it.

Consult your doctor before attempting these routines or any other fitness program.

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