Postman Pat Christmas Eve

Postman Pat Christmas Eve

Postman Pat Christmas EveAll of Greendale is covered in crisp white snow and the villagers are excitedly getting ready for Christmas.

It is a busy time for Postman Pat – he has lots of cards and presents to deliver in time for the big day – when disaster strikes!  Ajay is in Pencaster picking up the village Christmas tree when the Greendale Rocket gets stuck in the snow!  Can Pat, with the help of Amy’s horse Pumpkin, come to the rescue?

In a truly magical Christmas episode, join Pat and friends, in his new DVD Postman Pat Christmas Eve, to find out if he can get Ajay and the tree back to the village in time for Christmas.

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PLUS – to really get viewers in the festive mood, this bumper DVD pack comes with an exclusive limited edition Postman Pat inflatable Christmas tree!

The DVD collection also includes four other fantastic Pat adventures; Postman Pat’s Ice Capade, Postman Pat Goes Undercover, Postman Pat’s Clifftop Adventure and Postman Pat’s Pet Rescue which fans young and old will enjoy again and again.

As well as all the adventures on screen, the DVD includes two interactive games (Christmas Train memory game and spot the difference), as well as a DVD-ROM which features colouring-in and dot-to-dot activities.

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