Party time with Max and Ruby

Party Time With Max And Ruby – DVD

Party time with Max and RubyThe stars of the fun and much-loved animated TV series for pre-schoolers that educates as it entertains, Max and Ruby, come to DVD with a party-themed collection of episodes. Featuring five complete episodes from the series – each containing three individual Max and Ruby adventures – the DVD amounts to almost two hours of animated bunny fun.

Based on the series of children’s books by award winning author and illustrator Rosemary Wells, Max and Ruby chronicles the friendly sibling rivalry between the brother and sister bunnies whose plans more often than not start out completely at odds with each other but are usually resolved in a hilarious manner by the end of the story.

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Max is a three-year-old bundle of unstoppable, enthusiastic bunny energy who knows exactly what he wants and can always find a way to get it. Unfortunately, his stubbornness often causes problems for older sister Ruby whose job it is to look after him. Never content to let Ruby boss him around, Max always manages to brew up some mischief in order to get his own way.

Seven-year-old Ruby is sensible, smart and organized, and loves to be in charge of her little brother even though he sometimes tests her patience with his waywardness and consistently ruins her well-laid plans.

Featuring the vocal talents of Oscar nominated actress Samantha Morton (as the voice of Ruby), Max and Ruby is a charmingly entertaining series that not only celebrates brother and sister relationships but also teaches children how to play together and how to resolve their differences in respectful and supportive ways.

Episodes: Bunny Cakes; Bunny Party; Bunny Money; Max’s Birthday; Max’s New Suit; Goodnight Max; Ruby’s Tea Party; Max Is It; Ruby’s Science Project; Ruby’s Pajama Party; Baby Max; Bunny Scout Brownies; Ruby’s Figure Eight; Ruby’s Surprise Party; Ruby’s Tent.

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