Danielle Lloyd - Keep Fit, Look Fit

Danielle Lloyd – Keep Fit, Look Fit

Danielle Lloyd - Keep Fit, Look FitThere’s an inherent contradiction with most keep fit DVDs in that most people who buy them, I suspect, are probably unfit and overweight, whereas the people who present them look like they wouldn’t know what fat was if it fell on their head. Danielle Lloyd is one of those people – naturally pretty, fit and healthy – you can tell by looking at her.

Also, as you watch this DVD you are left wondering what exercise she does to stay in trim because it doesn’t seem to be these exercises. She appears to be doing them for the first time and doesn’t look as loose as a dancer or as the other guys and girls working out with her.

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This DVD, like most celeb keep fit vids, is not about Danielle the fitness expert though. This is a bog standard keep fit routine with the celebrity just there to make it interesting. The routines are easy and you could do them no matter what your size or age, so it is an enjoyable aerobics workout, and Danielle’s presence neither detracts from nor adds to that. There are moments of enjoyment though as the routine goes on – Danielle laughs at her own lack of knowledge about the names of her muscles, and she does play the part well of novice recruit feeling these exercises for the first time.

The DVD features some fun bonus extras including Out takes, Mind Your Language, Shorts And Knickers and Profiteroles – the best part of the disc. Watch Danielle tucking into a bowl of profiteroles off camera.

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