Here Comes A Fire Engine and other DVDs

Here Comes A… Fire Engine

Here Comes A Fire Engine and other DVDsThis series of four DVDs is produced by Little Big TV, and it is designed to help tots learn about the world around them using real film, narration, sing-a-longs and fun games. No doubt there will be more in the series, but the four titles currently available are Fire Engine, Train, Tractor and Digger.

These are documentaries for young children. For example, in the Fire Engine disc, you learn about how water is pumped, about ladders, the different things in a fire station and get to take a flight in a Coastguard helicopter.

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Little Big TV is the brainchild of TV director Francesca Caleb-Landy and the wife of 80s pop star Marcus Vere. You may remember him from Living In A Box (yes, a cardboard box). His wife Laetitia came up with the idea of making a video about tractors for their little boy JJ. Francesca persuaded John Deere to let them use loads of farm machinery, and Marcus wrote all the songs.

Since then, the team has worked with the London Fire Brigade, H.M. Coast Guard, Multiplex, Virgin Trains, London Underground, Royal Mail and many others who have kindly assisted in the making of this fun series.

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