Backyardigans Mission To Mars DVD

The Backyardigans: Mission To Mars

Backyardigans Mission To Mars DVDThe importance of imagination and the joys of storytelling are introduced to inquisitive pre-schoolers in The Backyardigans, an action-packed, song-filled 3D CGI series about music, dancing and having fun. Mission To Mars features five full episodes.

For little children with big imaginations a backyard or garden is the safest place to play, and a place that can easily transform into anything from a pirate ship to a distant planet, from a sun-kissed tropical island to a mysterious castle. And that’s what The Backyardigans is all about!

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Each episode is a journey into the kind of fantasy play that happens in every youngster’s mind. They’re epic, musical fantasy adventures, pre-school style, fresh from the minds of five colourful characters – a precocious penguin named Pablo, a laid-back moose named Tyrone, Austin the purple kangaroo, Tasha the hippo and the appropriately-named pink creature, Uniqua.

Every day these five friends meet in their adjoining backyards to explore wherever their imaginations take them, each time singing and dancing their way through their adventures as they experience the whole world and beyond without ever leaving home. And best of all, after each escapade, they always get home just 
in time for a snack!

The episodes in The Backyardigans: Mission To Mars see the gang experiencing a friendly alien encounter on the Red Planet, protecting their baked goods from pie-stealing ninjas, solving a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery in an English country mansion, portraying monsters in search of a party and preventing a Hawaiian volcano from erupting.

While encouraging children to develop their imaginations and to express themselves creatively, The Backyardigans also gives them a chance to bounce around the room singing and dancing in front of the TV. And with songs and characters as infectiously charming and cheerful as those featured in The Backyardigans, there’s no doubt a lot of adults will be tempted to join in too.

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