You're The Daddy

You’re The Daddy

You're The DaddyAnd you thought pregnancy was a steep learning curve? Once the baby is born, your life turns upside down. Sure, a lot of the changes are great, but they’re all new and you set out with barely a clue how to cope. Life is packed with new challenges to face and new skills to learn.

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That’s why you need a friend and guide to reassure you and hold your hand through that crucial first year.

A follow-up to his popular and highly entertaining From Lad to Dad How to survive as a pregnant father, Stephen Giles now sets out his progress through the first year of his baby’s life. Once again he tells his story in journal form with great humour, and plenty of practical ideas and advice for other first time fathers on topics such as:

  • the conflict between work pressure and sleepless nights
  • division of labour at home
  • being the breadwinner, the main carer or any combination of the two
  • your changing relationship with your partner
  • keeping ‘competitive dad syndrome’ under control

Stephen will help you ensure that by the end of your first year not only will you be able to change a nappy in your sleep (should you be lucky enough to get any) but, more importantly, you’ll have mastered the art of being a great dad.

Written in an easy style, and without too much psycho analysis, this book lets you share the journey of fatherhood with a man who is coming to terms with his new role in life.

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