Guide to Baby Naming Ceremonies

Your Complete Guide to Naming Ceremonies

Guide to Baby Naming CeremoniesNaming ceremonies are a fairly new idea in the UK, but popularity is growing. A naming ceremony is for people who want to do something special for a new addition to the family but without a religious connection. Whether it’s a new birth, a new step-child or an older family member who never had a formal celebration.

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In her foreword, Bel Mooney says, “About one third of UK families fail to celebrate their new babies in any formal way. In my opinion, they are missing out.”

Written by Anne Barber and published by Civil Ceremonies Ltd, the leading provider of naming ceremonies in the UK, the book is packed with valuable practical advice and ideas from the experts to help create the perfect naming ceremony to welcome a new arrival. Around 770,000 babies are born in the UK each year and the number of families choosing a more personal naming ceremony is steadily increasing.

The naming ceremony embraces the core principles of strong family values and plays a vital role for families who want to mark this rite of passage and celebrate their new arrival. The essence of the ceremony is focused around the special relationship between parent/s and child, as well as other family members and friends who will have a positive influence on the child’s upbringing and future development.

The book offers advice on planning a naming ceremony from scratch, a step by step guide from arranging the venue, thinking about timing and when to hold the ceremony, what and who to include, things to avoid, the importance of choosing the right promises and explanations of the key roles in the ceremony.

There are lots of suggestions, ideas for themes, an invaluable budgeting section and an insight into the choice of ceremonies available, not to mention a brief look into the background and origination of naming ceremonies in the UK.

The book is a comfortable size with stiff paperback cover, and is nicely laid out and illustrated. Chapters cover ideas on venue, budget, inviting people and how to run the ceremony itself. There’s also a section at the back with more resources, some pages for you to make notes and an essential checklist.

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