Will Jones Space Adventures

Will Jones’ Space Adventures and The Money Formula

Will Jones Space AdventuresWith increasing numbers of adults in debt, it’s now more important than ever before that the next generation is educated in money management and financial literacy according to the Money Psychologist and Teacher, Christine Thompson-Wells. Her new book, Will Jones’ Space Adventures & The Money Formula, has been written to help make learning about money a fun adventure.

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Will Jones’ Space Adventures & The Money Formula has colour illustrations to help children understand how Will Jones works with his money formula. Says Christine: “With Will Jones, children can learn through fun, exciting space adventures the magic ‘money formula’ that will stay with them throughout their life and teach them how to manage money.

“Today’s young adults and parents have grown up in a prosperous time. With the lack of money education in many schools over the past 20 odd years, many parents who are now facing difficulties just don’t know which way to turn. In an increasingly cashless society, today’s children who work with the Will Jones’ programme will be more equipped as adults to handle a debt or negative money flow than parents who have not gone through the programme.”

The core strategy of this book is:

  • Work with your child to understand the formula
  • Enjoy the adventure of learning together
  • Learn to work a money system
  • Reinforce the value of paid work
  • Reinforce the well-being to others by sharing
  • Make plans for the future
  • Speak of the advantages of saving some of your earned money

The book takes readers on a space adventure where a major inter-galactic war is avoided by dialogue being established with the King of Spectron and the Warring Grigan Leader who is about to invade the Planet of Spectron to rob it of its mineral and harvest and wealth. Instead of a war, the two leaders learn to work together for the benefit of both planets. Will’s Money Formula plays and integral role in the dialogue that takes place in the great chamber of the Palace of the Kingdom of Spectron!

The inspirational money journey of fun and adventure encourages children to learn the life-skill of managing and working with money to create a financially self-sustainable future.

This is the first book in the series of eight Will Jones Space Adventure stories to be released, covering young readers from six to teenagers.  The Will Jones books follow the objectives of the National Curriculum within Financial Capability.


  1. Work with your child to allow them to become financially self-sustainable in the future.
  2. Answer their questions about financial situations honestly.
  3. Make the debt situation a challenge – one that families can get through together.
  4. Explain to children about making a Plan A; and once the Plan A is in place ask them, ‘What can we do to make a Plan B?’
  5. Work every day on your plans eg: Have them stuck to the fridge and plot your progress.
  6. By becoming a positive role model for money management, when children become adults, they will reflect on your actions and attitude to money and managing debt.
  7. If we look at debt positively and manage it responsibly, we can all be winners. At the point of taking responsibility, we take control.

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