What To Buy Baby

What To Buy For Your Baby

What To Buy BabyWith so much choice of baby equipment now available, it is difficult for new and expectant parents to know what is best to buy. This invaluable guide advises new parents on exactly what to buy, so you don’t spend a fortune on unnecessary equipment! From travel to feeding equipment, this guide will give expectant parents a head start before their baby arrives. Taking into account different lifestyles and preferences, this book is a must for the parent-to-be who has an empty nursery to fill.

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Written by Liat Hughes Joshi, a parenting writer and Caroline Cosgrove, a personal shopper for baby equipment, the guide offers unrivalled advice on this daunting subject and includes all the hottest trends of the baby world. Safety information is also covered, making sure parents make an informed choice, and many ‘eco-options’ are suggested in place of conventional equipment.

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