Tracing Your Family History Made Easy

Tracing Your Family History Made Easy

Tracing Your Family History Made EasyResearching your family tree is a fascinating and fulfilling project, but where do you begin? And what should you do if you get stuck? Tracing Your Family History Made Easy takes you through the entire process, from recording the information you already know to finding the information you don’t.

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This easy-to-follow guide, packed with top tips and step-by-step instructions, explains how to search historical records and online resources, how to keep track of your findings and how to build your family tree on your home computer.

Find out how to check censuses and official records; how to interpret document; and how to investigate occupations such as military personnel, the medical profession and much more.

The book also includes a CD-Rom of family tree software Family Historian Starter Edition 4.1, so you can add up to 80 people to your tree, add photos and videos, and share your tree with others.

Whether you are 70 or 20, discover your family’s past and bring it to life with Tracing Your Family History Made Easy.

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