Tidy Your Room

Tidy Your Room - bookAre you sick of yelling at the kids to hang up their clothes? Tired of telling them to do their homework? Fed up nagging them to put their plate in the dishwasher? You’re not the only one. Here, at last, is a practical guide to help you motivate them and get them on your side.

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Parenting journalist Jane Bidder draws on the advice of many other parents as well as her own experience as a mother of three, to bring you this invaluable guide to getting your kids to do the things they hate. The book includes:

  • what chores are suitable at what age, and how to get them to co-operate
  • getting homework done without stress
  • where pocket money fits into the equation

Tidy Your Room is the book for any parent with a child from toddlerhood through to leaving home, and anyone who has ever had trouble getting their kids to do chores or homework. That’s just about all of us, then.

Jane Bidder is a professional author and journalist who writes extensively for parents. She also writes fiction as Sophie King. She has three children, the eldest two of whom are now at university, so she has extensive personal as well as professional experience of getting kids to do the things they hate. She is the author of What Every Parent Should Know Before Their Child Goes to University.

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