The Potty Training Bible

Potty Training BibleLet’s be honest, potty training is something every parent must go through, but it’s not the best thing about parenting. There can be tears, tantrums, not to mention frequent accidents at the worst possible time, and in the worst possible places. But what’s the best approach? What if you start one method and it doesn’t work? And are boys different to girls?

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This book shows you the five main methods to potty train your child so you can make up your own mind about what works for you and your child. It gives you practical advice that weighs up the pros and cons of each method, helping you find the best solution tailored to your baby.

Do you want to fit your potty training into one short, sharp but effective burst? Are you following a routine, and need to know how potty training can fit in? Can’t stand the prospect of fights and tears, and want a calm, stress-free method? Laid out in an easy-to-compare format that helps you decide what suits you and your child, this book will take the strain out of potty training.

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