The Mum Shop

The Mum Shop

The Mum ShopEver wished you could swap your mum? Be careful what you wish for…

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“It’s fresh and funny and the Mum Shop itself is a wonderful central idea that will appeal to all ages – quite possible including mums who might like to exchange their children!” So says popular children’s author Jeremy Strong.

Ten-year-old Oli has swapped his mum at the infamous Mum Shop. His first new mum, Sid the Hippy, almost gets him arrested but he has high hopes for her replacement, Mother 44 – she drives a tank and has made him a secret agent. But Oli soon discovers that M44 is really Comrade Gerty, the leader of The Black Cane Brigade, whose mission is to return child rearing to the 1950s. And his real mum has been loaned to the school bully Slugger Stubbins. With best friend Skipjack, can Oli come up with a plan to foil The Black Cane Brigade and get his real mum back?

The Mum Shop is the first in the new Oli and Skipjack’s Tales of Trouble series for 7-9-year-olds.

This book is bound to appeal to young readers, with its quirky characters and their quirky names – not to mention the comical plotline.

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