The Lunchbox Book

The Lunchbox Book

The Lunchbox BookAs a parent of two fussy eaters, I find that the more imaginative and exotic you try to get with a packed lunch, the more of the food comes home un-eaten. As a cook book for the whole family I’d say this is great, as a book for my two fusspots (10 and 6-year-old girls) I would say there’s not much in there they will eat.

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Sandy Harper has put together a book that deserves to be read if only for the mouth-watering photos alone. The two-bite BLT, the grilled haloumi bagel, the yoghurt crusted chicken… all so pleasing on the eye that they create an anticipation of the flavour on your tongue.

This isn’t a book that’s in the Annabel Karmel (packed lunches for kids) mould though – it’s aimed at anyone of any age who takes their own lunch to work, college or school.

There are sections focusing on vegetarians, sporty types and office workers, with a total of 40 menu ideas and even more sandwich filling suggestions.

Sandy used to work on the in-flight catering at South African Airways, and having sampled their food back in the days when airline food came with knives and forks, I can say she did a good job there too. Her philosophy is to educate people, particularly youngsters, about food, to encourage them to experiment, enjoy and to develop a taste for a balanced diet that they can prepare themselves.

She says on the introduction, “This has been designed to be an easy reference guide, which you can dip into without having to read the entire book. However, to get the full advantage of what I am trying to achieve, I urge you to read this book from cover to cover in order to gain a working knowledge of what I mean by balance.”

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