Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

The Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

Little Dish Favourites CookbookThe Little Dish Favourites Cookbook is a gorgeous recipe book in many ways. It is lovely to touch, with the slightly embossed font on the hardback cover, the graphics are simple yet appealing to adults as well as children and the recipes are fabulous. They have quickly become some of our family favourites, and appear on our weekly food plan.

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The dishes are graded on difficulty with a rating of 1-3 tomatoes and they are also categorised in type, for perfect simplicity.

It is well known in my family that I am not the best cook in the world, so I was very keen to give a few recipes a try myself, without any help from the children! I made fresh fruit muffins for their breakfast, a chilli for a party buffet, (which was very successful with adults and children alike), and also a recipe for my baby daughter.

When given the chance, my 10-year-old son also loved preparing us a meal with minimal adult supervision, as the recipes were easy to follow and ideal for a child of his age to produce a fantastic result.

I would most certainly buy this book as a gift and it will be a treasured and well used book in our home. It isn’t going to be something that gathers dust in a cupboard.

Review by Sarah Drummond.

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