Handbag Book of Girly Emergencies

The Handbag Book of Girly Emergencies

Handbag Book of Girly EmergenciesThe book to solve every ‘crisis’ a girl could ever encounter. From cutting-edge morning-after survival tips and boyfriend tactics to how to cope with looming spots and under-eye bags on the day of a hot date.

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Find out:

  • How 3 days of careful eating can make the difference between a flat stomach and a pot belly for a clingy-dress occasion
  • Why you should have an emergency hot date goodie pack in your office desk drawer- you’ll never get caught out wearing big pants or with dirty hair again
  • Divine excuses for any situation including all purpose excuses and difficult excuses with extra bite
  • Insider tips for banishing bad hair days and skin crises .

Here’s a sample – Girly guide to pulling effortlessly

  1. Spend ages making yourself look gorgeous, but wear your worst knickers, then you’re bound to pull.
  2. Go out with a friend who really makes you laugh (it helps if you’re both the same number on the looks scale).
  3. Pick a bar that is teeming with gorgeous men.
  4. Get your drinks and sit somewhere central and visible.
  5. Drink enough to have fun, but don’t get paralytic.
  6. Don’t look around the room until you’ve been there at least half an hour. Joke, laugh, look animated.
  7. Scan the room. Catch a few eyes here and there – smile fleetingly.
  8. Go back to talking to your mate – giving off mixed vibes. You’re interested in who’s there but you’re having fun anyway.
  9. Look surprised but moderately pleased if someone you fancy comes over to talk to you.
  10. Sit back, don’t try too hard to impress, relax and enjoy the attention. You’ve pulled.


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