Baby Making Bible

The Baby-Making Bible

Baby Making BibleWritten by Emma – ‘the baby-maker’ – Cannon, one of the country’s leading complementary fertility specialists, The Baby-Making Bible is an indispensable guide to fertility that draws together Emma’s years of experience and success in treating couples hoping to get pregnant.

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With a 360-degree approach to health, Emma’s integrated ‘baby-making plan’ blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with the highest standards in Western medical practice. Accessible and practical, The Baby-Making Bible offers women – and their partners -invaluable advice on how to increase their ‘whole body’ health thus increasing the likelihood of a ‘healthy conception’.

With simple and gentle treatments for ‘getting the engine working’, ‘the fuel good’ and ‘the mind on board’ the book explores:

  • how to achieve optimum health in accordance with your natural fertility type and how to ensure your mind is ready for conception
  • how to create balance and harmony in your body and empower yourself to take control of your own health
  • the importance of the menstrual cycle and the role your hormones play
  • the importance of diet and lifestyle choices with practical advice on how to enhance health

In addition, The Baby-Making Bible offers:

  • A 360-degree health check and information on how to determine your fertility type
  • A baby-making plan that gives you prescriptive advice through each stage of the menstrual cycle including recipes for enhancing diet dependent on your type
  • Advice for men on how to increase male fertility and improve libido (this is not just a female issue!)
  • Information and practical advice on acupuncture, meditation, affirmations, visualisations, yoga for fertility and positive thinking
  • Advice on how acupuncture and complementary therapies can keep the body healthy and the mind on board whilst undergoing assisted reproductive technologies like IVF
  • Advice for friends and family on how to support couples undergoing fertility treatment or suffering infertility

Whether trying for a natural conception or undergoing fertility treatment, The Baby-Making Bible will help create the optimum environment for baby-making success whilst ensuring you come to parenthood from a place of health and balance.

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