The Art of Hiding Vegetables

The Art of Hiding VegetablesHow are you supposed to get your kids to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day? How do you get them to eat even one or two?

The answer is simple: you trick them into it. All you need to do is disguise or conceal healthy food and your children won’t notice – or even know – they’re eating it.

This is the real world, so you need practical ideas that will work in a busy household with a realistic budget. Well here, at last, you’ll find the answers:

  • how much is a portion of fruit or vegetables?
  • what to hide and how to hide it
  • how to save time and effort
  • how to feed the family a healthier diet than before (even if it isn’t always perfect)
  • ideas for breakfast, snacks, main meals, lunchboxes, parties, eating out and holidays

If you’ve already tried being honest with your kids and it hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to start hiding the vegetables.

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Karen Bali is a working mother of two who hates cooking and wanted to write a book to help other parents offer a healthier diet for the family. She has teamed up with Sally Child, an ex-health visitor turned nutritional therapist who has three grown-up children. Together they have written this guide to getting healthy food inside your kids with or without their co-operation.

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