The 7 Day Parent Coach

The 7 Day Parent CoachI knew this book was different from other parenting books as soon as I started the first chapter.  It doesn’t read as one long, monotonous screed of orders and demands, it involves alot of thinking and assessing your own particular problems.  I found that it helped me improve most areas of my family life that I wanted to, including how to –

  • Stop worrying start living
  • Create more time with your family
  • Sort your family budget
  • Stop feeling guilty!!
  • Get more confidence in your parenting
  • Communicate better with your child
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • How to establish a happy bedtime routine
  • Cope with tantrums

The idea is that as you read each chapter, you write down your own problem areas and areas you would like to improve.  Over the course of 7 days, you take each problem and break it down, explore other ways to cope with it – until your problem is gone and you are left with a happy household. You rate each problem on a stress level scale of 1 – 10.  Hopefully, over the week, as you keep rating and solving the problem, your number will go down. I have to say, it didn’t work quite so miraculously with my family, but it did help!!  Just writing everything down that you may have trouble coping with helps immensely.

It also had a tendency to point out the obvious – in a good way!!  The author used lots of examples from her experience as a parent coach to make her point.  I found myself reading each example and shouting out what the problem with the parent and child was – then I realised, I do the exact same thing with me and my children!  For some reason it seemed easier to notice the problems in other peoples parent-child relationships, even if I was suffering the same ones.

This book is definitely a lot more relaxed than other books at the moment, but certainly not less effective.  It really makes you think about your family and parenting skills, and helps you achieve the kind of family life you really want.


Reviewed by Kirsty Scanlan

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