Teenagers – What Every Parent Has To Know

Teenagers - What Every Parent Wants To KnowRob Parsons is an international speaker on family issues and the author of many best-sellers, including The Heart of Success and The Sixty Minute Father. More than half a million people have attended his seminars.

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In this book, Rob looks at what’s going on inside your teenager’s brain, why reading your child’s school report can fool you and the big issues – drugs, sex, self-esteem.

The book is very anecdotal, imparting not only Rob’s personal view of teenage psychology but also the first-hand occurrences that gave him his experience.

If there is any doubt about there being a need for a book like this, this quote from a psychologist, featured in the book, demonstrates the need.

“When I was a teenager it was as if I was walking down a corridor with doors either side. The doors had labels: Alcohol, Gambling, Sex, Drugs. But all the doors were locked. Occasionally I would hear of one of my friends who had gone through one of the doors into one of the rooms, but if that happened it was a big deal.

“Today’s teenager walks down the same corridor, but all the doors are open – and their friends are in the rooms shouting out, ‘What are you doing out there? Come in.'”

Not only does the book deal with sex, drugs, rock and roll, but it also deals with emotion. How do you understand unconditional love between a stressed parent snad an angry teenager looking for independence? How do you let them go and get on with their life?

An excellent read and not a weighty tome.

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